Growing up I knew all along that I would be a Fashion Designer. There
was never anything but fashion. Self-taught until taking all of the
sewing classes my high school offered twice through, I started
perfecting my garment construction skills. I even taught myself to drape
on my first dress form at the age of 12. I went on to attend Auburn
University and received my B.S. in Apparel Merchandising Design and
Production Management with a focus on Design in 2014.
After college I spent a few years in Raleigh, NC learning a bit more
about the business side of putting a product on the market and
overseeing the retail side of how that product performed as well.
Therefore, gaining an interesting insight on consumer decision-making.
In 2015 I moved to Austin, TX to pursue a more creative role in the fashion industry and re-discovered my love of sewing and construction. I started my role as Seamstress Couturier and learned the fine art of bridal fitting and alterations. The beautiful creations we were able to add to dresses and the creative freedom I had to customize and re-design dresses to fit each brides dreams and wishes was such an amazing experience.
Moving on to continue my construction training I started my role at Ace Tailors, still perfecting my construction skills across a vast sector of clothing categories. Learning more and more about different techniques and types of clothing, including menswear, has really improved my eye for fitting and for the different issues that exist in the consumer market of clothing fit and sizing.  
Taking on the fashion industry here in Austin and making strides in the acceptance of fashion for people of all shapes, sizes, colors, gender identities, and beliefs, I designed and presented a collection titled "FEARLESS" for Austin Fashion Week in February of 2019. Also in February of this year showing the same collection at the Austin RAW Artist Showcase, I included real size models including two plus size models. Completing a professional photo shoot of the collection in March, I am looking forward to presenting my next collection at the San Antonio Met Gala and the Fashion For Humans Guerrilla Fashion Show in the coming months. All photos can be found under my "Photos" tab or on my Instagram @anmarie_design linked below.